End of Year Beginnings.

I’ve been saying for almost 3 years now that I need to start my own teacher blog, and I even made an attempt on Edublog, although some may consider 3 posts a rather poor attempt.  So, with the upcoming New Year comes a fresh start with a basic blog and, when I get comfortable, I will upgrade if necessary to make it fancier.  I don’t think I will ever reach the level of hardcore education bloggers, but at the very least I want a blog to call my own.

I guess I should provide a little background info before I just start blogging about teaching or anything education related.  I’m not a fresh-out-of-college-first-year teacher baby, and I’m not a 30+ year-ready-to-retire-veteran, either.  I have, however, been teaching high school English in Texas for about 11 years now, and have taught 9th-12th grade at 6 public high schools.  Just recently I have been given the title of our campus’ “Digital Literacy Lead”, which means I get to answer a lot of questions about the copy machine or printers in the building.  I also consider myself an advocate for students both in my district and my state, and do my best to attend and testify at key education committee hearings.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in 2002 and my Master’s in 2009, but I’m convinced neither has prepared me for the daily challenges I face in my classroom.  I am constantly, CONSTANTLY researching and reading teaching tips, tricks, testimonials, etc. to become a stronger teacher.  My students are my guinea pigs and sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s a “learning experience” for everyone!

My hope is that this blog gives anyone with a remote interest in education (public or not) a glimpse into what life is like for a somewhat experienced teacher that is still trying to learn new ways to approach teaching on a daily basis.  I mostly want to connect with like-minded educators of any level, and show aspiring teachers that teaching is WORK, and at some point, teaching becomes your world.


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